Canto 07, Chapter 15: Instructions for Civilized Human Beings – Quiz

01. If one is very opulent, during Shraddha ceremony, he should________.
a)    Endeavor to invite more brahmanas
b)    Make expensive arrangements
c)    Keep such occasions always simple
d)    Invite all his relatives 

02. There are ———– branches of irreligion.
a)    3
b)    4
c)    5
d)    6

03. Cheating religion is called _______.
a)    Vidharma
b)    Aabhasa
c)    Paara dharma
d)    Chala dharma

04. A type of religion created by one who is falsely proud and who opposes the principles of Vedas is called ______.
a)    Vidharma
b)    Aabhasa
c)    Paara dharma
d)    Upadharma

05. For one who is always self satisfied there is no ________;indeed he feels ______ everywhere.
a)    Happiness, distress
b)    Joy, sorrow
c)    Distress, happiness
d)    Satisfaction, unsatisfied

06. The strong bodily desires and needs of a person disturbed by hunger and thirst are certainly satisfied when he eats. But as for _______, even if he has conquered all the directions of the world or has enjoyed everything in the world, still he will not be satisfied.
a)    Greed
b)    Anger
c)    Pride
d)    All the above

07. By making plans with determination, one should give up lusty desires for sense gratification. Similarly by discussing the _______ one should give up fear.
a)    Truth
b)    Envy
c)    Anger
d)    Greed 

08. By serving a great devotee one can become_________.
a)    Greedy
b)    Proud
c)    Prideless
d)    Harmless 

09. One who first accepts sannyasa but then returns to materialistic activities is to be called a vantasi – means________.
a)    One who eats dog stool
b)    One who eats his own vomit
c)    One who eats maha prasada
d)    One who eats remnants of others

10. In the conditioned stage, one’s conceptions of life are sometimes polluted by_________.
a)    Fear
b)    Madness
c)    Bewilderment
d)    All the above

11. Through ______ activities one is purified and becomes fit to enjoy eternal, blissful life________.
a)    Nivrtti
b)    Pravrtti
c)    Shanthi
d)    Tapa

12. When all the activities one performs with his mind, words and body are dedicated directly to the service of the Supreme, one reached oneness of activities called ______.
a)    Bhavadvaita
b)    Advaita
c)    Dravyadvaita
d)    Kriyadvaita

13. Yudhistira Maharaja heard that Krishna, his cousin, is the Supreme Personality of Godhead from _____.
a)    Sukadeva Gosvami
b)    Lord Brahma
c)    Narada Muni
d)     Krishna

14. On all planets all living entities are generated from the daughters of________.
a)    Svayambhu manu
b)    Daksha
c)    Kashyapa
d)    Prathu



Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14
Answer: c c d d c a a c b d a d c b
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