Canto 07, Chapter 09: Prahlada Pacifies Lord Nrsimhadeva with Prayers – Quiz

01. Lord Narsimhadeva after killing Hiranyakashipu was still very ______.
a)    Humorous
b)    Peaceful
c)    Joyous
d)    Angry
02. ______ went forward to appease the Lord.
a)    Lord Brahma
b)    Lord Siva
c)    Goddess Laxmi
d)    Prahalada Maharaja
03. When Lord Narsimhadeva saw Prahalada prostrated at the soles of His lotus feet, he________.
a)    Still remained angry
b)    Became most ecstatic
c)    His anger increased
d)    Was peaceful
04. By the touch of Lord’s hand on Prahalada Maharaja’s head, Prahalada was_________.
a)    Completely freed from all material contaminations and desires
b)    Transcendentally situated and was ecstatic
c)    His heart became filled with love and he could completely capture the lotus feet of the Lord within the core of his heart and began to offer prayers
d)    All the above
05. When something is offered to the Supreme Lord, the offering is_________.
a) For the benefit of the devotee because the Lord is always fully satisfied
b) For the benefit of the Lord
c) Made because the Lord needs service
d) For other devotees
06. The best benefit of offering prayers to the Lord and hearing His glories is________.
a) To go to heavenly planets for more enjoyment
b) To always remain wealthy 
c) To be purified of material life
d) To get liberation
07. Prahalada Maharaja says it is definitely possible to be able to cross the ocean of nescience by_________.
a)    Engaging in the transcendental service of the Lord
b)    Associating with devotees who are liberated souls
c)    Following exactly in the footsteps of Lord Brahma and his disciplic succession
d)    All the above
08. As powerful ______, Lord destroys everything of this material creation.
a)    Wheel
b)    Energy
c)    Time
d)    Demon
09. ______ is celebrated as atma-yoni – having been born without a mother.
a)    Lord Brahma
b)    Lord Vishnu
c)    Narada Muni
d)   Vyasa Deva
10. Lord is called as Triyuga because________.
a)    He appears only in 3 yugas Satya, Treta and Dvapara
b)    Apart from 3 yugas, in kali yuga also although He appears, He does not assert Himself as Supreme Personality of Godhead
c)    That is the name of one of His incarnations

11. Prahlada Maharaja says that his only concern is to_________.
a)    Overcome Material existence
b)    Give liberation to his demoniac family members
c)    Keep himself away from indulging in sense gratification
d)    Bring back fools and rascals who are making elaborate plans for material happiness to the lotus feet of the Supreme Lord
d)    None of the above
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11
Answer:a d d b d a c d c a b d
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