Canto 06, Chapter 17: Mother Parvati Curses Chitraketu – Quiz

01. After seeing the Lord face to face, king Citraketu enjoyed life for millions of years as the head of ________.
a)    Vidyadhara
b)    Kanyadhara
c)    Anga
d)    Vigadha
02. Maharaj Citraketu commented loudly on Lord Siva when he saw ________.
a)    Lord Siva sitting with mother Parvati
b)    Lord Shiva embracing mother Parvati amidst assembly of saintly persons
c)    Lord Shiva dancing in the assembly of saintly persons
d)    None of the above
03. On hearing Citrketu’s statement, Lord Shiva ________.
a)    Cursed Citraketu
b)    Simply smiled
c)    Was furious
d)    Was embarrassed
04. On hearing Citraketu’s statement, mother Parvati cursed Citraketu to ________.
a)    Die instantly
b)    Be born as an animal
c)    Take birth in the family of low sinful family of demons
d)    Lose all his pious credits
05. On hearing the curse from mother Parvati, Citraketu________.
a) Was very morose
b) Was indifferent
c) Died
d) Descended from the airplane, bowed before her in great humility and pleased her completely
06. King Citraketu was born as ________ in his next life as a result of the curse by mother Parvati.
a)    Vishwarupa
b)    Tvasta
c)    Vratrasura
d)    Indra
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06
Answer: a b b c d c
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