Canto 06, Chapter 09: Appearance of the Demon Vritrasura – Quiz

01. Vishvarupa, the priest of the demigods had ________ heads.
a)    4
b)    3
c)    2
d)    1
02. The demons were related to Vishvarupa from his ________ side.
a)    Father’s side
b)    Mother’s side
c)    Uncles’s side
d)    All the above
03. Indra, on knowing that Vishvarupa was secretly cheating the demigods and favoring demons, he ________.
a)    Cut Vishvarupa’s 3 heads from his shoulders
b)    Cut Vishvarupa’s centre head
c)    Cursed Vishvarupa to die
d)    Attacked Vishvarupa
04. As a result of killing a Brahman, Indra ________.
a)    Repent fully accepted the burden of these reactions with folded hands
b)    He suffered for 1 year and then distributed the reactions among the earth water trees and women
c)    Neutralized the sinful reactions
d)    Both a and b
05. Vrtrasura was born by the sacrifice made by ________ to kill Indra.
a)    Vishvarupa
b)    Tvasta
c)    Sukracharya
d)    Brihaspati
06. On seeing the overpowering strength of demons, the demigods took shelter of ________.
a)    Lord Narayana
b)    Lord Shiva
c)    Lord Brahma
d)    The Fire god
07. When Lord Hari appeared in front of the demigods, they ________.
a)    Were overwhelmed with happiness and immediately offered obeisances
b)    They pleased the Lord by offering Him prayers
c)    They heartily glorified the Lord
d)    All the above
08. ‘Maghavan’ is also another name of ________.
a)    Vayu
b)    Indra
c)    Varuna
d)    Agni
09. Lord Sri Hari asked Indra to approach _______ and beg him for his body.
a)    Dadhyanca
b)    Aswini Kumaras
c)    Visvakarma
d)    Tvasta
10. Dadhici gave the mantras to Aswini Kumaras through ________ and so the mantras are called Asvasira.
a)    The mouth of an elephant
b)    The mouth of a horse
c)    The mouth of a deer
d)    The mouth of a calf
11. Dadhici’s body is very strong due to ________________.
a)    Strong bones
b)    Strong austerities
c)    Strong vows
d)    Narayana kavaca
12. From Dadici’s bones, ________ would prepare a thunderbolt by which the demigods can certainly kill Vrtrasura.
a)    Visvakarma
b)    Manu
c)    Maya danava
d)    Aswini kumaras
13. The greatest qualification of demon Vrtrasura had was ________.
a)    He was very very strong and fiery
b)    He was a devotee of the Lord
c)    He was never envious
d)    Both b and c
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13
Answer: b b a d b a d b a b d a d
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