Canto 06, Chapter 07: Indra Offends His Spiritual Master, Brihaspati – Quiz

01. When Indra was surrounded by his wife and other great saintly persons, saw his spiritual master before him, he ________.
a)    Got up from his seat to offer respects
b)    Did nothing to show his respects
c)    Being still seated, offered seat to his spiritual master
d)    Asked his wife to take care of Brahaspati
02. Seeing Indra’s transgression of etiquette, Brahaspati ________.
a)    Completely understood that Indra was puffed up his material opulence
b)    He left the assembly in silence
c)    Both a and b
d)    None f the above
03. Indra realizing his mistake went in search of Brahaspati, but _______.
a)    Brahaspati did not forgive him
b)    Brahaspati became invisible and Indra could not find him
c)    Brahaspati forgave Indra
d)    Brahaspati cursed Indra
04. ________ was the guru of the demons.
a)    Dronacharya
b)    Kripacharya
c)    Sukracharya
d)    Brahaspati
05. On attack by demons, Indra rushed to seek shelter from ________.
a)    Lord Brahma
b)    Lord Vishnu
c)    Vyasadeva
d)    NaradaMuni
06. The demons were extremely weak, but now they are able to defeat the demigods because ________.
a)    They have worshiped their guru with great devotion
b)    They have drank Soma Rasa
c)    Brahasoati has transferred strength from the demigods to the demons
d)    None of the above
07. Brahma instructexd the demigods to accept ________ as their guru.
a)    Vishvarupa
b)    Tvasta
c)    Sukracharya
d)    Narayana
08. Vishvarupa although younger by age could still become the guru if the demigods because ________.
a)    Vishwarupa was completely aware of the Supreme Brahman
b)    Vishvarupa was advanced in chanting vedic mantras
c)    Vishvarupa was advanced in austerities
d)    All the bove
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Answer: b c b c a a a d
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