Canto 06, Chapter 05: Narada Muni Cursed by Prajapati Daksha – Quiz

01. Impelled by the illusory energy of Lord Vishnu, Prajapati Daksa begot ________ sons from the womb of Pancajani.
a)    10
b)    100
c)    1000
d)    10000
02. The first set of sons of Daksa were called ________.
a)    Suras
b)    Haryasvas
c)    Narayana saras
d)    Savalasvas
03. When their father ordered them to beget children, the sons of Daksa ________.
a)    Went in search of beautiful wives
b)    Went to the heavenly planets to approach apsaras
c)    Rejected their father’s idea and vowed to live a life of celibacy
d)    Went to Nrayana saras and performed severe austerities to fulfill their father’s desires
04. When the Haryasvas were performing austerities, ________ approached them and began to preach.
a)    Narada Muni
b)    Vasista Muni
c)    Maitreya Muni
d)    Lord Brahma
05. Narada Muni told to Haryasvas that there is a kingdom where there is only one male. This means ________.
a)    That kingdom is Bharata Varsa
b)    The male is Prajapati Daksa
c)    The only enjoyer is the Supreme Personality of Godhead who observes everything, everywhere)   
d)    None of the above
06. Narada Muni described a woman who is professional prostitute. The woman is ________.
a)    Maya devi
b)    Yogamaya
c)    Mixed with mode of passion, the unsteady intelligence of every living entity
d)    3 modes of material nature
07. Narada Muni said that there is a house made of 25 elements. This means ________.
a)    The house is well built
b)    The Supreme Lord is the reservoir of 25 elements
c)    They each should marry 25 wives
d)    None of the above
08. After hearing the instructions of Narada, the Haryasvas ________.
a)    Were firmly convinced with the conclusion of Narada Muni
b)    Accepted Narada Muni as their spiritual master
c)    They followed the path by which one never returns to this world
d)    All the above
09. The news of Haryasvas decision was brought to Prajapati Daksa by ________.
a)    Narada Muni
b)    Parasurama
c)    Lords Brahma
d)    Svayambhu Manu
10. Daksa gave the same order to beget children to his second group of 1000 sons and they hearing their father’s instructions ________.
a)    Rebelled
b)    Left their body immediately
c)    They also went to Narayana saras and performed penances and underwent severe course of austerities
d)    Went in search of Narada Muni

11. Narada Muni again instructed the Savalasvas as he did for Haryasvas and this time the sons ________.
a)    Went and complained to their father
b)    They simply did not obey Narada Muni
c)    Were bewildered
d)    They too as their elder brothers did not attempt to produce children and engaged themselves in Krishna Consciousness
12. Prajapati Daksa was furious on knowing his second set of sons also following the renounced order of life and he argued with Narada Muni by telling ________.
a)    Unless full knowledge is awakened, simply changing dress cannot possibly bring detachment
b)    One cannot give up material enjoyment unless one has personally experienced
c)    One should find for themselves the distastefulness of material enjoyment and become renounced if they need
d)    All the above
13. Prajapati Daksa cursed Narada Muni by telling that ________.
a)    He may never get married
b)    His life span be reduced
c)    To have no permanent residence anywhere
d)    To lose his devotional service
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13
Answer: d b d a c c b d a c d d c
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