Canto 05, Chapter 14: The Material World as the Great Forest of Enjoyment – Quiz

01. The conditioned soul enters the forest of material existence due to________.
a)   The desire to collect wood
b)   Greed for some material profit
c)   Great fortune
d)   Fun
02. The material atmosphere is created by_________.
a)   The conditioned soul
b)   The external energy under the control of Lord Vishnu
c)   The external energy under the control of Lord Brahma
d)   The external energy under the control of Lord Shiva
03. The most unfortunate thing that the conditioned soul undergoes by living independently and bewildered in the forest is__________.
a)   He is always hungry
b)   He does not get proper clothes to wear
c)   He does not meet the opposite sex
d)   He does not attain the association of the devotees of the Lord
04. In the forest of material existence, the uncontrolled senses are compared to plunderers because_________.
a)   They are always in bliss
b)   They plunder others money
c)   They make one spend his money for unnecessary sense gratification
d)   All the above
05. In the forest of material existence although a miserly man wants to guard his money, his family members forcibly take away his assets. So they are compared to__________.
a)   Cats and dogs
b)   Cows and buffaloes
c)   Tigers and jackals
d)   Sheep and lambs
06. The only way to come out of the grahasta–asrama which is the field of fruitive activity is_________.
a)   To plow the field everyday without fail
b)   To serve the family members sincerely
c)   To have deep attachment to enjoy family life
d)   To completely burn out the desire to enjoy family life
07. Too much overcome by the mode of _____________ makes one attracted to the color of the gold.
a)   Goodness
b)   Passion
c)   Ignorance
d)   All the above
09. When in a lonely place, a conditioned soul, overcome by lusty desires disobeys the rules and regulations governing sex life then_________.
a)   There is no punishment
b)   His disobedience is witnessed by different demigods but there is no punishment
c)   His disobedience is witnessed by different demigods and there is punishment awaiting for him
d)   None of the above
10. Sometimes conditioned soul does understand the futility of material world but__________.
a)   He is overcome by strong bodily conception 
b)   He is tired searching for association
c)   He is desiring to have many children
d)   He wants wealth
11. When the conditioned soul cannot acquire possessions from his father, son or other relatives,__________.
a)   He gives up and goes to forest
b)   He pleads them
c)   He is prepared to give them all kinds of trouble
d)   He curses them
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11
Answer: b b d c c d b   c a c
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