Canto 04, Chapter 14: The Story of King Vena – Quiz

01. King Vena was a________.
a)   Very cruel and severe king
b)   Very kind king
c)   Virtuous ruler
d)   Blind king
02. Vena was made the king because_________.
a)   He was very qualified
b)   He would keep the people happy
c)   In the absence of king Anga there was no able ruler
d)   He was an able protector of the citizen
03. The saintly sages still tried to pacify king Vena because________.
a)   They were afraid of getting touched by the sinful results caused by him
b)   They hoped that he may rectify his mischievous behavior
c)   They did not want to associate with a bad king
d)   All the above
04. The sages tried to convince king Vena to be a good ruler by telling________.
a)   By being a good ruler, the king’s duration of life, his opulence, strength and reputation will increase
b)   He would be then elevated to heavenly kingdom which is devoid of all miseries
c)   He can thus enjoy himself in this world as well as in the life after death
d)   All the above
05. On hearing the advices by the great sages, King Vena________.
a)   Was very much aggrieved
b)   Was immediately open to all atonements
c)   Said that all sages should worship him instead of the demigods
d)   Killed the sages
06. Finally the sages decided to________King Vena.
a)   Kill
b)   Agree with
c)   Re-pacify
d)   Curse
07. The dead body of King Vena was_________.
a)   Burnt by the sages
b)   Was preserved by his mother Sunithi
c)   Was thrown to the river
d)   Given a new life immediately
08. Bahuka was born by churning the_________of the dead body of Vena.
a)   Thighs
b)   Eyes
c)   Belly
d)   Limbs
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Answer: a c d d c a b a
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