Canto 04, Chapter 12: Dhruva Maharaja Goes Back to Godhead – Quiz

01. The master of treasury of heavenly worlds is________.
a)   Dhruva
b)   Svayambhuva Manu
c)   Kuvera
d)   Yaksha
02. The highest Purushartha in the material world is________.
a)   Benediction of religion
b)   Benediction of economic development
c)   Benediction of sense gratification
d)   Benediction of liberation
03. The stage of Pancama Purushartha is________.
a)   Benediction of constantly remembering the lotus feet of the Lord
b)   Benediction of economic development
c)   Benediction of sense gratification
d)   Benediction of liberation
04. Dhruva Maharaja has been described as maha-matih (highly intellectual) because_________.
a)   He fought with the Yakshas effortlessly
b)   He saw the Supreme Lord face to face at a very young age
c)   The king of kings, Kuvera personally offered him any amount of riches but he declined to accept them
d)   Narada Muni was his Spiritual Master
05. Son of Idavidaa was_________.
a)   Svayambhuva Manu
b)   Kuvera
c)   Dhruva
d)   Ila
06. In________yuga, people lived for 100000 years. In________ yuga, people lived for 10000 years. In________yuga for 1000 years and________yuga for 100 years.
a)   Satya, Treta, Dvapara, Kali
b)   Satya, Dvapara, Treta, Kali
c)   Treta, Satya, Dvapara, Kali
d)   Treta, Dvapara, Satya, Kali
07. Dhruva Maharaja, in due course of time retired to the forest of ________.
a)   Mahavana
b)   Vrindavana
c)   Badrikashrama
d)   Haridwar
08. As soon as symptoms of liberation started manifesting on Dhruva, he saw________coming down from the sky.
a)   Lord Vishnu
b)   Beautiful airplane
c)   Demigods
d)   His mother
09. The 2 confidential servants of Vishnu who thus arrived were named__________.
a)   Nanda, Sunanda
b)   Jay, Vijaya
c)   Narada, Vyasa
d)   Bhrama, Siva
10. When the transcendental airplane carrying Dhruva was just about to start, he remembered__________.
a)   His father
b)   His mother
c)   His brother
d)   His Spiritual Master

11. Dhruva Maharaja’s first siksha guru was___________.
a)   Suruci
b)   Uttanupad
c)   Narada Muni
d)   Suniti
12. Understanding Dhruva Maharaja’s desire, the 2 Vishnu Dutas_________.
a)   Told him that his mother had not performed serious austerities and hence could not go with him
b)   Showed him that his mother, Suniti, was going forward in another plane
c)   Showed him that all his family members were going to Vaikunta loka
d)   Told him that it was impossible to fulfill his desires
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12
Answer: c d a c b a c b a b d b
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