Canto 03, Chapter 33: Activities of Kapila – Quiz

01. ______ is also called as ‘Aja’.
a)    Brahma
b)    Durga
c)    Shiva
d)    Yudhistira
02. Bhakthi Rasaamrata Sindhu is written by________.
a)    Sanatana Gosvami
b)    Jiva Goisvami
c)    Rupa Gosvami
d)    Krishnadas Kaviraj Goosvami
03. Hari Bhakthi Vilasa is written by________.
a)    Sanatana Gosvami
b)    Jiva Goisvami
c)    Rupa Gosvami
d)    Krishnadas Kaviraj Goosvami
04. ______ is so perfect that simply by following the rules and regulations and executing them under the direction of Spiritual Master , one is liberated from clutches of Maya.
a)    Jnana Yoga
b)    Devotional Service
c)    Hatha Yoga
d)    Meditation
05. The actual identity of the living entity as described by Lord Chaitanya is ‘Jivera svarapa haya – krsnera nitya dasa’ – this means________.
a)    Living entity is merged with the Supreme Lord
b)    Krishna always helps the Jivas
c)    Jivas are always independent and do not need Krishna
d)   Living entity is eternally the servitor of the Supreme Lord
06. Devahuti’s father’s name is _______, son’s name is ______, husband’s name is _______.
a)    Svaayambhuva Manu, Kapila Dev, Kardama Muni
b)    Kardama Muni, Kapila Dev, Svaayambhuva Manu
c)    Kapila Dev, Svaayambhuva Manu, Kardama Muni
d)    Kapila Dev, Kardama Muni, Svaayambhuva Manu
07. At the end if her life, Devahuti was transported to ______ planet.
a)    Vaikuntha
b)    Earthg
c)    Kapila Vaikuntha
d)    Goloka Vrindavana
08. The palace where Devahuti achieved her perfection is called _____.
a)    Siddhapada
b)    Mahapada
c)    Vishnupada
d)    Brahmapada
09. Lord Kapila Dev is eternally staying at ______ in trance to deliver the conditioned souls.
a)    Himalayas
b)    Siddhapada
c)    Ananda Tirtha
d)    Ganga Sagara Tirtha
10. The carrier of Supreme Personality of Godhead is________.
a)    Swan
b)    Garuda
c)    Eagle
d)    Peacock
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10
Answer: a c a b d a c a d b
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