Canto 03, Chapter 30: Description by Lord Kapila of Adverse Fruitive Activities – Quiz

01. The main function of the time factor, which is the representative of SPG is to______.
a)    Create everything
b)    Destroy everything
c)    Self realization
d)    Maintain everything
02. Whatever is produced by the materialist for so-called happiness, the SPG as ______ destroys and so the living entity ______.
a)    Time, laments
b)    Time, rejoices
c)    Lord, cries
d)    Age, rejoices
04. Everyone is satisfied with his standard of living, however abominable it may be. This is because of the ______.
a)    Mode of goodness
b)    Covering of illusionary energy
c)    Thought of equality
d)    Transcendental nature
05. Maya has 2 phases of activities. Aavaranaatmika and Praksepaatmikaa. Aavaranaatmika means ______ and Praksepaatmikaa means _______.
a)    Surrounded, Pulling up
b)    Pulling up, Surrounded
c)    Pulling down, Covering
d)    Covering, pulling down
06. All our attempts to be happy in this material world are simply a delusion offered by_________.
a)    Brahma
b)    Lord Siva
c)    Maya
d)    Jiva
07. The result of material enjoyment is that one takes with him _______ only and not ______ after death.
a)    Material benefits, sinful reactions
b)    Sinful reactions, material benefits
c)    Good memories, material benefits
d)    Good memories, sinful reactions
08. The messengers of Yamaraja are called ______.
a)    Brahaspatis
b)    Brahmanas
c)    Devatas
d)    Yamadutaas
09. The best use of money as long as it is within our possession is to spend it to acquire______.
a)    Krishna Consciousness
b)    Maya
c)    Material benefits
d)    Good karmic reactions
10. The livelihood of those who are trying to advance in Krishna Consciousness must be very ______ and ______.
a)    Fair, uncomplicated
b)    Complicated, complex
c)    Rigid, complex
d)    Flexible, many branched
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10
Answer: b a   b d c b d a a
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