Canto 03, Chapter 28: Kapila’s Instructions on the Execution of Devotional Service – Quiz

01. Lord Kapiladev here explains the yoga system known as________.
a)   Hatha Yoga
b)   Astaanga Yoga
c)   Jnana Yoga
d)   Patanjali Yoga
02. The ultimate achievement in yoga practice is__________.
a)   To realize Lord Brahma
b)   To realize Lord Vishnu
c)   To realize Lord Shiva
d)   To concentrate mind on voidness
03. There are _________ circles of vital air circulation within the body.
a)   3
b)   4
c)   5
d)   6
04. By practicing the process of ______ one can eradicate the contamination of his physiological condition.
a)   Hatha Yoga
b)   Yama
c)   Praanaayaama
d)   Niyama
05. To be free from 3 modes of material attachment, one has to meditate on ______.
a) Life air
b) The Supreme Personality of Godhead
c) Mind
d) Restraining of senses
06. The SPG has a cheerful ______ countenance with reddy eyes like the ______ and a swarthy body like the ______.
a)   Lotuslike, interior of a lotus, petals of a blue lotus
b)   Smiling, lotus petals, bimba fruit
c)   Lotuslike, lotus petals, kadamba tree
d)   Blissful, bimba fruit, monsoon cloud
07. Lord bears the mark of ______ on His chest and the brilliant ______is suspended around His neck.
a) Lotus, Kaustuba gem
b) Kaustuba gem, Lotus flower
c) Srivatsa, Kaustuba gem
d) Lotus flower, Kaustuba gem
08. Sarva-loka-namaskrtam means_________.
a)   Worshippable in earth planet
b)   Worshippable by devotees in every planet
c)   Worshippable by everyone in every planet
d)   Worshippable by demigods
09. The devotee should first concentrate his mind on Lord’s ______.
a)   Navel
b)   Eyes
c)   Lotus feet
d)   Face
10. The lotus feet of the Lord are adorned with marks of__________.
a)   Thunderbolt, a goad, a banner, a lotus
b)   Thunderbolt, a mace, a goad, a lotus
c)   Conch shell, thunderbolt, a goad, a lotus
d)   Conch shell, mace, lotus, flower
11. By meditating on ______ of the Lord, one is free from darkness of ignorance and the splendor of their beautiful ruby ______ dispels the thick gloom of one’s heart.
a)   Lotus feet, nails
b)   Thigh, hair
c)   Eyes, eye lids
d)   Chest, Srivatsa
12. The holy waters of Ganges which Lord Shiva is bearing on his head has its origin in_________.
a)   Mandakini
b)   The hairs of Lord Shiva
c)   Itself
d)   The foot wash  of Lord Vishnu
13. The Supreme Personality of Godhead’s ______ is the storehouse of all energy.
a)    Eyes
b)    Thighs
c)    Feet
d)    Abdomen
14. Lord’s ______ is the foundation of the entire universe.
a)    Eyes
b)    4 arms
c)    Feet
d)   Navel
15. The Lord’s ______ is the source of all transcendental pleasure for the mind and full satisfaction for the eyes.
a)    Chest
b)    Eyes
c)    4 arms
d)    Navel
16. Lord’s _______ are the sources of all the powers of demigods who control the various functions of the material world.
a)    Chest
b)    Eyes
c)    4 arms
d)    Navel
17. Lord’s ______ is considered to represent the pure living entities who are always engaged in His service.
a)     Mace
b)    Pearl Necklace
c)    Earrings
d)    Armlets
18. If anyone wants to be aloof from sex attraction, he must see the ______ and ______ of SPG.
a)    Eyes and ears
b)    smile and eyebrows
c)    Nose and Mouth
d)    Head and hair
19. For a Yogi when the mind is ______engaged upon the form of the Lord, it is called nirbija yoga ( lifeless Yoga). But when the mind is _______of the Lord, it is called sabija – yoga (living yoga).
a)    Reluctantly, not thinking
b)    Totally, partially thinking
c)    Fully, not thinking
d)    Forcibly, constantly thinking
20. The 4 principles of the ______philosophic doctrine are suddha – advaita, dvaita – advaita, visista – advaita and dvaita.
a)    Vaishnava
b)    Smaarta
c)    Buddhist
d)    Mayavada
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Answer: b b d c b a c c c a a d b d a c b b d a
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