Canto 03, Chapter 26: Fundamental Principles of Material Nature – Quiz

01. Sankhya philosophy deals with the________.
a)   Observational study of devotional service
b)   Analytical study of devotional service
c)   Philosophical study of devotional service
d)   Deductive study of devotional service
02. Sankhya philosophy has been explained by_________.
a)   Lord Kapiladev
b)   Brahma
c)   Narada
d)  Maitreya
03. The whole world is illusioned by ________ due to which the common conditioned soul cannot see the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
a)   The darkness of cloud
b)   The gross ignorance
c)   The supreme energy
d)   The three modes of material nature
04. The Supreme Personality of Godhead is called vibhu because________.
a)   He is the most effulgent Person
b)   He is the supplier of all material energies
c)   He is omnipresent
d)   The material energies cannot act on Him
05. Why the material world was created for the sufferings of the conditioned souls__________.
a)   For the nitya-baddhas – who are eternally conditioned
b)   The rectify the enjoying temperament of the conditioned souls
c)   For anyone who pretends to enjoy
d)   All the above
06. The material modes are also said to be tricolor with red, white, blue__________.
a)   Red as mode of passion, White as mode of ignorance, Blue as mode of goodness
b)   Red as mode of passion, White as mode of goodness, Blue as mode of ignorance
c)   Red as mode of goodness, White as mode of ignorance, Blue as mode of passion
d)   Red as mode of ignorance, White as mode of passion, Blue as mode of goodness
07. _______is the cause of ones conditional life.
a)   Material Consciousness
b)   Krishna Consciousness
c)   God Consciousness
d)   Consciousness of the supreme Brahman
08. The influence of maya on conditioned souls can be eradicated by_________.
a)   Serving the respective demigods
b)   Serving Krishna
c)   By trying hard using one’s intelligence
d)   None of the above
09. Which of the following statements is correct?
a)   The individual conditioned souls have no choice in terms of accepting a particular type of body
b)   The living entity is the cause of his own suffering
c)   The living entity can also be the cause of his eternal happiness
d)   All the above
10. Product of Prakriti(material) nature and the Supreme Lord is_________.
a) Material consciousness
b) Manifest and unmanifest material world
c) Cosmic manifestation only
d) Living entities only

11. Which of the following is correct?
i) Material nature is ever existing 
ii) Material nature sometimes appears and disappears
iii) Cosmic manifestation is ever existing 
iv) Cosmic manifestation sometimes appears and disappears
a) Only i
b) Only ii
c) Both i and iv
d) Both ii and iii
12. Pradhana means_________.
a)   Material nature in its subtle stage
b)   The stage where cause and effect are not clearly manifested
c)   Condition of the material nature immediately previous to its manifestation
d)   All the above
13. When ______ agitates the neutral state of material nature, it begins to produce varieties of manifestations.
a)   Circumstances
b)   Time
c)   The 3 modes
d)   Living Entity
14. The living force_________.
a)   Is a component of the Spiritual world
b)   Is a component of the material world
c)   Is produced by the interactions of the material elements
d)   Is produced by the interactions of 24 material elements 
15. In the beginning, from clear consciousness, the first contamination sprang up. This is called ______. This is also represented as different senses and sense organs and gives us an illusion of advancement of civilization.
a)   False ego
b)   Mode of goodness
c)   Mind
d)   Intelligence
16. However advanced a man is, if he is not fixed in Krishna Consciousness, he will simply accept and reject and will never be able to fix his ______ on a particular subject matter.
a)   False ego
b)   Body
c)   Mind
d)   Intelligence
17. ______ is the discriminating power to understand an object and it helps the senses to make choices.
a)   False ego
b)   Body
c)   Mind
d)   Intelligence
18. The False ego of the living entity is known by the name of Lord ______.
a)    Sankarsana
b)   Aniruddha
c)   Pradyumna
d)   Vasudeva
19. The Mind of the living entity is known by the name of Lord _______.
a)  Sankarsana
b)  Aniruddha
c)  Pradyumna
d)  Vasudeva
20. It is stated in Vedanta Sutra that ______ is the origin of all objects of material possession and by that one can dissolve this material existence.
a)   Sound
b)   Body
c)   Mind
d)   Intelligence

21. In the fire there is ______.
a)   Sound, touch and form
b)   Sound , touch, form and taste
c)   Sound and touch
d)   Only sound
22. The planetary systems are considered to form different bodily parts of the Universal form of the Lord . In this, the ______ is considered as sole of the Supreme Lord, __________ as belly and ___________ as head.
a)   Patala, Earth, Brahmaloka
b)   Brahmaloka, Earth, Patala
c)   Earth, Brahmaloka, Patala
d)   Patala, Brahmaloka, Earth
23.______is considered as the eyes of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
a)   Moon
b)   Earth
c)   Sky
d)   Sun
24. Presiding deity of mind is ______, of intelligence is ______, of false ego is ______.
a)   Brahma, Siva, Sun
b)   Brahma, Siva, Moon
c)   Sun, Moon, Brahma
d)   Moon, Brahma, Siva
25. The analytical study of the elements of material nature and the concentration of the mind upon the Supersoul are the sum and substance of the ______ philosophical system.
a)  Hatha Yoga
b)  Jnana
c)  Sankhya
d)  Mayavada
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Answer: b a d d d b a b d b c d b a a c d a b a
Question No. 21 22 23 24 25                              
Answer: a a d d c                              
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