Canto 03, Chapter 17: Victory of Hiranyaksha Over All the Directions of the Universe – Quiz

01. When the 2 demons appeared from the womb of Diti _________.
a) There were earthquakes and appeared that there was fire everywhere 
b) Inauspicious planets like Saturn, meteors, comets appeared 
c) Luminaries in heavens were screened by masses of clouds 
d) All the above
02. Only _________ were seized from fear on seeing all inauspiciousness spread everywhere.
a) 4 sons of Brahma 
b) Indra 
c) Animals 
d) Jaya and Viyaya
03. Hiranyaksa’s main motive was_________.
a) To reign the universe 
b) To kill his brother Hiranyakashipu 
c) Just to satisfy Hiranyakashipu 
d) To please Vishnu
04. Vibhavari is the home of ________, the lord of the aquatic creatures.
a) Varuna 
b) Vayu 
c) Agni 
d) Indra
05. Varuna guided Hiranyaksha to fight with __________ to his full satisfaction.
a) Brahma 
b) Vishnu 
c) Indra 
d) Hiranyakashipu
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05
Answer: d a c a b
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