Canto 02, Chapter 04: The Process of Creation Quiz

01. In the womb of mother, Parikshit Maharaj was struck by the brahmastra atomic bomb released by ___________________.
a) dushasana.
b) karna.
c) ashvatthama.
d) duryodhana.
02. To become liberated means ___________.
a) To become more attach to everything connected with the body.
b) To become free from everything connected with the body.
c) To become neutral with material life.
d) None of these.
03. Where there is light, there is no ___________.
a) Sun.
b) Moon.
c) Sunrays.
d) Darkness.
04. What are the three activities are attractive for conditioned souls struggling for existence in the material world?
a) Devotional service, economic development and sense gratification.
b) Religion, economic development and sense gratification.
c) Religion, economic development and devotional service.
d) Religion, devotional service and sense gratification.
05. What is the factual gain in life?
a) Knowledge of fruitive acts and logic.
b) Knowledge of the self.
c) Surrendering unto the Supreme Lord Vishnu.
d) Mystic powers.
06. What the verse “eko bahunaa yo vidadhati kaman” defines?
a) The Lord is the chief eternal being amongst all other eternal individual beings.
b) Surrendering unto the Supreme Lord Vishnu.
c) The one Supreme Lord who maintains innumerable other individual living beings.
d) Everything is simultaneously one with and different from Him by His inconceivable potencies.
07. What will achievement one get when he worship the demigods?
a) He will get birth in ghost life.
b) He will get birth in Pitru-loka.
c) He will go back home, back to godhead.
d) He will get birth in among the demigods.
08. The first expansion of Lord Sri Krishna is in the form of __________.
a) Baladeva.
b) Narayana.
c) Vasudeva.
d) Pradyumna.
09. As ________ lord Krishna enters into every universe.
a) kshirodakashayi Vishnu.
b) Garbhodakashayi Vishnu.
c) Mahavishnu.
d) Narayana.
10. The _________ stage of existence is the highest perfectional stage of spiritual values.
a) Kutichaka.
b) Bahudaka.
c) Parivrajakacharya.
d) Paramhamsa.
11. Arrange the following progressive stages in the renounced orderof life (Sanyasa)__________.
a) Kutichaka, Bahudaka, Parivrajakacharya, Paramhamsa.
b) Bahudaka, Parivrajakacharya, Paramhamsa, Kutichaka.
c) Paramhamsa, Kutichaka, Bahudaka, Parivrajakacharya.
d) Parivrajakacharya, Kutichaka, Bahudaka, Paramhamsa.
12. The Lord’s ________ does not require any sunlight or moonlight or electricityfor illuminations.
a) Swa-dhama.
b) Brahma-jyotir.
c) Mahat-Tattva.
d) All of these.
13. What is the first step in spiritual realization__________.
a) God realization.
b) knowledge of the self.
c) devotional service to the Lord.
d) merge with brahma jyoti.
14. ________ is the highest quality of perfection to be achieved by the intelligent person.
a) Karma-yoga.
b) jnana-yoga.
c) Dhyana-yoga.
d) Bhakti-yoga.
15. The inhabitants of the Khasadesha are mentioned in the __________ parva of Mahabharata.
a) Adi.
b) Bhishma.
c) Sabha.
d) Drona.
16. The Greeks are known as _________.
a) Kiritas.
b) Hunas.
c) Pulindas.
d) Andhras.
17. Where was the Abhira Province situated?
a) in the area of East Germany and part of Russia.
b) on the River Sarasvati in Sind.
c) in southern India.
d) in Bihar and Chota Nagpur.
18. The __________ devotees of the Lord desire everything for the satisfaction of the Lord.
a) Bhukti-kami.
b) Siddhi-kami.
c) Nishkami.
d) Mukti-kami.
19. The karmis, who are much attracted by the fruitive activities of the Vedic rituals, are called _______.
a) Bhukti-kami.
b) Siddhi-kami.
c) Nishkami.
d) Mukti-kami.
20. Who is the principal head of all such goddesses of fortune?
a) Chandravali.
b) Lalita devi.
c) Vishakha Devi.
d) Srimati Radharani.
21. Yajna-pati is one of the name of ___________.
a) Lord Shiva.
b) Lord Vishnu.
c) Lord Brahma.
d) Lord Ganesha.
22. By which factor, the supreme lord reveals himself to a one?
a) by one’s speculative power.
b) by one’s verbal jugglery over the Absolute Truth.
c) when lord is fully satisfied by the one’s service attitude.
d) none of these.
23. Brahma is born from the lotus which grows from the abdomen of the _________.
a) Kshirodakshayi Vishnu.
b) Garbhodakshayi Vishnu.
c) Karanodakshayi Vishnu.
d) Mahavishnu.
24. How many principal creative elements & sense organs are developed from the Lord?
a) fifteen creative elements, twenty sense organs.
b) sixteen creative elements, ten sense organs .
c) eighteen creative elements, eleven sense organs.
d) sixteen creative elements, eleven sense organs
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Answer: c c d b c c d a c d a a b d d c b c a d
Question No. 21 22 23 24                                
Answer: b c b d                                
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