Canto 02, Chapter 02: The Lord in the Heart – Quiz

01. How the tendency of forgetfullness of the living being can be counteracted?
a) by meditation on the virat-rupa of the Lord.
b) by meditating on Mahat-tattva.
c) by meditating on demigods.
d) None of these.
02. What follows the ascertain knowledge of living being?
a) Ignorance and forgetfullness.
b) Vyavasaya-buddhi.
c) Loving service to the Lord.
d) None of these.
03. Out of ________ the conditioned soul forgets his position as servant of Supreme personality of godhead.
a) Greed.
b) Love.
c) Anger.
d) False ego.
04. Where the living entity can find real happiness?
a) Heavenly Planets.
b) Satya loka.
c) Supreme brahman.
d) Vaikuntha.
05. Which class considers the fruitive activities as merely a waste of time?
a) Karmis.
b) Jnanis.
c) Yogis.
d) Bhaktas.
06. Who is madman?
a) One who is captivated by the illusory advancement of material civilization.
b) One who is detached from the illusory advancement of material civilization..
c) One who is situated in brahmabhuta stage.
d) All of above.
07. One second of human life wasted ______________.
a) Can never be replaced, spending millions of gold coins.
b) Can be replaced by 108 yajnas.
c) Can be replaced by millions of diamonds.
d) (B) & (C)
08. One can use his arms for __________.
a) Cots and beds to lie on.
b) As a pillow.
c) Varieties of utensils.
d) Clothing
09. The renounced order is meant for ______.
a) one who is frustrated.
b) contributing something substantial to society.
c) depending on the earnings of the householders.
d) one who want to enjoy the sense gratification.
10. Why the bonafide mendicant accepts alms from the householders?
a) for the tangible benefit of the donor.
b) it's an easy way to fulfill his needs.
c) because he can't fulfill his needs.
d) None of these.
11. What suggestion given by Shukadeva Gosvami to those people who wants to make an end of miseries of life?
a) process of worshiping the 33 crores demigods.
b) process of worshiping the Supreme Lord & not others.
c) process of merging in Brahmajyoti.
d) None of these.
12. It is said that there is an everlasting belt of water called the River ___________ at the entrance of the plutonic planet of Yamaraja
a) Vaitarana.
b) Kalyani.
c) Vaitarani.
d) Vedganga.
13. In the form of Janardana, the lord carries different symbols beginning from the lower right hand up and down to the lower left hand is __________.
a) club, wheel of a chariot, lotus, conchshell.
b) lotus, wheel of a chariot, conchshell, club.
c) lotus, conchshell, wheel of a chariot, club.
d) conchshell, lotus, wheel of chariot, club.
14. The Lord exists as the ____________ enjoyer in the spiritual world.
a) Female.
b) Brahman.
c) Male.
d) None of these.
15. The mouth of supreme personality of godhead expresses His ___________.
a) Sorrowness.
b) Happiness.
c) Aggression.
d) Cheating propensity.
16. What is the cause of suffering for the impersonalist?
a) meditation on the deity form of Lord.
b) serving the devotees of lord.
c) Impersonal meditation.
d) None of these.
17. ________ is the process of liberation from the material conditions.
a) Karma Yoga.
b) Jnana yoga.
c) Buddhi yoga.
d) Ashtanga yoga.
18. The grossest type of anartha which binds the conditioned soul in material existence is __________.
a) Accumulation of wealth.
b) Becoming famous.
c) Accumalation of knowledge.
d) Sex desire.
19. What refers to vairagya?
a) Attachment to unwanted things.
b) Detachment from unwanted things.
c) Acting as detach from all wanted & unwanted things.
d) None of these.
20. Which is the process of meditation recommended in the Srimad-Bhagavatam?
a) to fix one's attention on something impersonal or void.
b) not to fix one's attention on something impersonal or void.
c) not to fix one's attention on something impersonal or void.
d) None of these.
21. What will happen to a person when he concentrates more on the transcendental form of the Lord?
a) The more he attached to sense gratification.
b) He come into the conclusion of killing the living beings.
c) He more get frustrated in the materail world.
d) The more he detached from sense gratification.
22. What is the recommendation given here to those who are too engrossed in sense gratification?
a) to participate in archana of Lord Vishnu.
b) to touch the transcendental form of the Radha-Krishna or Vishnu Deities.
c) to meditate upon the gigantic virat-rupa of the Lord.
d) to meditate upon the Supersoul within the heart.
23. The spiritual world is the manifestation of lord’s ___________ and the material world is the manifestation of His ___________.
a) external potency, internal potency.
b) internal potency, external potency.
c) internal potency, marginal potency. 
d) marginal potency, external potency.
24. Why the material world is not a fit place for living entities?
a) they are spiritually one with the Lord.
b) in the material world the living entities become conditioned by the laws of the material world.
c) (a) & (b) 
d) None of these.
25. When the whole world appears to be a happy and peaceful residence for all the people of the world?
a) when one develops his godly qualities by meditating on lord.
b) when one gorify the 33 crores demigods.
c) when one get detach from maerila things. 
d) when one consider himself as supreme & trying to control the world..
26. How can one easily obtain the mercy of the Lord?
a) By totally engaged in the transcendental loving service of the Lord.
b) By constantly remembering Lord Sri Krishna at every step.
c) By entering into personal contact of Lord Sri Krishna.
d) ALL of these.
27. How can one easily conquered his mind?
a) by giving food of Sense Enjoyment.
b) by meditating on void.
c) by engaging mind at the lotus feet of the Lord.
d) by performing ashtanga yoga.
28. When the mind absorbed in material contact, it acts ___________.
a) for material advancement of knowledge.
b) for life in complete bliss and eternity.
c) for the devotional service of the lord.
d) None of them.
29. Who is not controlled by devastating time factor?
a) living entity in the state of labdhopashanti.
b) the celestial demigods who are empowered to rule over mundane creatures.
c) inhabitants of Pitru-loka
d) mayavadi philosphers.
30. What is the ultimate goal of impersonlists?
a) the heavenly planets.
b) the Vaikuntha planets.
c) the brahma-jyotir of the spiritual sky.
d) siddha loka
31. What is the source of illumination of Vaikuntha Planets?
a) suns, moons & Stars.
b) self-illuminating gems & stones.
c) self-illuminating planets.
d) all of these.
32. Material desires are based on the ____________ of the living being.
a) Mind.
b) Intellegence.
c) Senses.
d) False ego.
33. What is the prescribed order of the movement of life air of the meditative devotee?
a) svadhishthana-chakra, mani-puraka-chakra, anahata-chakra, vishuddhi-chakra.
b) vishuddhi-chakra, mani-puraka-chakra, anahata-chakra, svadhishthana-chakra.
c) mani-puraka-chakra, anahata-chakra, svadhishthana-chakra, vishuddhi-chakra.
d) anahata-chakra, svadhishthana-chakra, vishuddhi-chakra, mani-puraka-chakra.
34. The ___________ planet of sensual enjoyment for the longest period of life.
a) Mahar Loka.
b) Bhuvar Loka.
c) Tapah Loka.
d) Satya Loka.
35. The inhabitants of Brahmaloka & dhruvaloka planets are empowered with _________ achievements of mystic perfection.
a) Sevenfold.
b) Eightfold.
c) Threefold.
d) Fivefold.
36. For what purpose, one can use the Mahima-siddhi?
a) To become small like a particle.
b) To become lighter than a soft feather.
c) To get anything and everything from anywhere and everywhere.
d) To become heavier than the heaviest.
37. The transcendentalists can move __________.
a) within bhu-loka only.
b) within lower planets & bhu-loka only.
c) within fourteen planets only.
d) anywhere within or beyond the material worlds.
38. On _________ the yogi becomes completely cleansed of all dirty sins acquired while in contact with the material world.
a) Mahar-loka.
b) Brahma-loka.
c) Jana-loka.
d) Vaisvanara-loka.
39. To reestablish the true spirit of the knowledge, the Lord Sri Krishna again explained the same knowledge of Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna _____________.
a) Manu.
b) Sun god.
c) Uddhava.
d) Arjuna.
The correct answer is
d) Arjuna.
40. A portion of the ego is the ______________.
a) Mahat-tattva.
b) Vibration of sound.
c) Atmospheric air.
d) Power of electricity or heat.
41. The first stratum of the covering is calculated to extend ____________ miles.
a) ten million.
b) forty million.
c) eighty million.
d) ten billion.
42. According to Srila Jiva Gosvami, each covering of the universe is ________ more expansive than the previous covering.
a) three times.
b) five times.
c) seven times.
d) ten times.
43. The devotee surpasses the subtle objects of different senses like aroma by __________, the palate by ___________, touch by ___________.
a) smelling, forms, tasting.
b) smelling, tasting, forms.
c) smelling, tasting, contacting.
d) forms, tasting, contacting.
44. What is the third stage of chanting of the holy name of the Lord________.
a) the offensive chanting.
b) the reflective stage of chanting.
c) the offenseless chanting.
d) none of these.
45. How can One attain the stage of love of God?
a) by performing fruitive activities.
b) by performing various austarities & penanaces.
c) by mystic powers.
d) by pure devotional service.
46. The disciplic succession holds that the Vedas were uttered ___________.
a) by Lord Krishna to Bramha, by Brahma to Narada, by Narada to Vyasadeva & So on.
b) by Vyasadeva to Shukadeva Gosvami, Shukdeva Gosvami to Brahma, by Brahma to Narada & so on.
c) by Lord Krishna to Narada, by narada to brahma, by brahma to Vyasadeva & so on.
d) None of these
47. What is the only source of happiness for the human being?
a) Karma Yoga.
b) Jnana Yoga.
c) Ashtanga Yoga.
d) Bhakti Yoga.
48. In order to satisfy the inquisitiveness of all prospective students of the Vedas, Brahmaji studied the Vedas __________.
a) Two times.
b) Three times.
c) Five times.
d) Seven times.
49. From the folliwing, which is not the senses of perception?
a) hearing.
b) touch.
c) speech.
d) taste.
50. From the following, kindly find out the subtle sense?
a) smell.
b) sight.
c) speech.
d) mind.
51. Which is the most important function in the process of bhakti-yoga?
a) hearing.
b) remembering.
c) worshiping.
d) praying.
52. What is the cause of the sufferings of human society?
a) becoming servant of servant of Lord Sri Krishna.
b) economical crisis.
c) increase in Population.
d) lording over the material resources.
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Answer: a c d d d a a b b a b c b c b c b d b b
Question No. 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40
Answer: d c b c a d c a a c c d a d b d d d d b
Question No. 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52                
Answer: c d c c d a d b c d a d                
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