Canto 10, Chapter 54: The Marriage of Krishna and Rukmiṇi – Quiz

01. On seeing Krsna take away Rukmini, Sisupala ________.
a)   Was disturbed like a man who has lost his wife
b)   Lost his enthusiasm
c)   Lost the color of his complexion and his face was dried up
d)   All the above
02. Words of wisdom were given to Sisupala by ________.
a)   Jarasandha
b)   Rukmi
c)   Krsna
d)   Bhismaka
03. After Krsna carried off Rukmini, ________ followed the Lord with an entire military division.
a)   Jarasandha
b)   Sisupala
c)   Rukmi
d)   Dantavakra
04. Rukmi took the vow of ________ , if he failed to bring Rukmini back from Krishna.
a)   Cutting his head
b)   Removing his moustache
c)   Not entering Kundina
d)   Surrendering to Krsna
05. On seeing Krsna ready to kill Rukmi, ________ fell at the feet of Krsna begging to spare Rukmi.
a)   Balarama
b)   Rukmini
c)   Bhismaka
d)   Jarasandha
06. Rukmi was compassionately released from the ties which Krsna had tied by ________.
a)   Rukmini
b)   Balarama
c)   Vidura
d)   Vasudeva
07. In frustration Rukmi constructed a city for him called ________.
a)   Kundini
b)   Bhojakata
c)   Dvaraka
d)   Mathura
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Answer: d a c c b b b
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