Canto 10, Chapter 53: Krishna Kidnaps Rukmiṇi – Quiz

01. Krsna’s charioteer’s name was ________.
a)   Sugriva
b)   Saibya
c)   Daruka
d)   Balahaka
02. Krsna’s horse Meghapuspa had the color of ________.
a)   Green
b)   Yellow
c)   Cloud
d)   White
03. ________ veda deals with the pacification of unfavorable planets.
a)   Rig
b)   Yajur
c)   Atharva
d)   Sama
04. Sisupala’s father’s name was ________.
a)   Dantavakra
b)   Jarasandha
c)   Bhismaka
d)   Damaghosa
05. Sisupala was the prince of ________.
a)   Vidharbha
b)   Anga
c)   Avanti
d)   Cedi
06. Sisupala was supported by ________.
a)   Salva
b)   Jarasandha
c)   Viduratha
d)   All the above
07. On hearing the s of Krsna’s arrival, princess Rukmini was overjoyed and offered the Brahman ________.
a)   Humble obeisances
b)   A pearl necklace
c)   Gold coins
d)   Her personal jewellery
08. When Rukmini’s father heard that the 2 Lords have arrived to grace the occasion of Rukmini’s marriage, ________.
a)   He became doubtful
b)   He went to greet Them with abundant offerings
c)   He did not pay attention
d)   He became fearful
09. Rukmini with her maidservants went to visit the temple of ________.
a)   Vishnu
b)   Shiva
c)   Ambika
d)   Laxmi
10. Krsna’s chariot was marked with the flag of ________.
a)   Garuda
b)   Hanuman
c)   Swan
d)   Peacock
Question No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10
Answer: c c c d d d a b c a
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