Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 10, Chapter 66, Text 12-14


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SB 10.66.12-14

tasya kasi-patir mitram
 parsni-graho ’nvayan nrpa
aksauhinibhis tisrbhir
 apasyat paundrakam harih
bibhranam kaustubha-manim
kauseya-vasasi pite
 vasanam garuda-dhvajam
Paundraka’s friend, the King of Kasi, followed behind, O King, leading the rear guard with three aksauhini divisions. Lord Krsna saw that Paundraka was carrying the Lord’s own insignia, such as the conchshell, disc, sword and club, and also an imitation Sarnga bow and Srivatsa mark. He wore a mock Kaustubha gem, was decorated with a garland of forest flowers and was dressed in upper and lower garments of fine yellow silk. His banner bore the image of Garuda, and he wore a valuable crown and gleaming, shark-shaped earrings.
Srila Prabhupada comments in Krsna: “When the two kings came before Lord Krsna to oppose Him, Krsna saw Paundraka face to face for the first time.”
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