Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 10, Chapter 64, Text 27-28


SB 10.64.27-28

deva-deva jagan-natha
 govinda purusottama
narayana hrsikesa
anujanihi mam krsna
 yantam deva-gatim prabho
yatra kvapi satas ceto
 bhuyan me tvat-padaspadam
O Devadeva, Jagannatha, Govinda, Purusottama, Narayana, Hrsikesa, Punyasloka, Acyuta, Avyaya! O Krsna, please permit me to depart for the world of the demigods. Wherever I live, O master, may my mind always take shelter of Your feet.
Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti comments as follows on this verse: His faith emboldened upon receiving the Lord’s mercy and thus attaining the status of servitude, King Nrga properly glorifies the Lord by chanting His names and then asks the Lord’s permission to take his leave. The spirit of his prayer is as follows: “You are Devadeva, God even of the gods, and Jagannatha, the master of the universe, so please be my master. O Govinda, please make me Your property with the same merciful glance You use to enchant the cows. You can do this because You are Purusottama, the supreme form of Godhead. O Narayana, since You are the foundation of the living entities, please be my support, even though I am a bad living entity. O Hrsikesa, please make my senses Your own. O Punyasloka, now You have become famous as the deliverer of Nrga. O Acyuta, please never be lost to my mind. O Avyaya, You will never diminish in my mind.” Thus the great Bhagavatam commentator Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti explains the purport of these verses.
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