Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 10, Chapter 63, Text 39

SB 10.63.39

yathaiva suryah pihitas chayaya svaya
 chayam ca rupani ca sañcakasti
evam gunenapihito gunams tvam
 atma-pradipo guninas ca bhuman
O almighty one, just as the sun, though hidden by a cloud, illuminates the cloud and all other visible forms as well, so You, although hidden by the material qualities, remain self-luminous and thus reveal all those qualities, along with the living entities who possess them.
Here Lord Siva further clarifies the idea expressed in the final two lines of the previous verse. The analogy of the clouds and the sun is appropriate. With its energy the sun creates clouds, which cover our vision of the sun. Yet it is the sun that allows us to see the clouds and all other things as well. Similarly, the Lord expands His illusory potency and thus prevents us from directly seeing Him. Yet it is God alone who reveals to us His covering potency — namely, the material world — and thus the Lord is atma-pradipa, “self-luminous.” It is the reality of His existence that makes all things visible.
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