Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 10, Chapter 59, Text 29

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SB 10.59.29

tvam vai sisrksur aja utkatam prabho
 tamo nirodhaya bibharsy asamvrtah
sthanaya sattvam jagato jagat-pate
 kalah pradhanam puruso bhavan parah
Desiring to create, O unborn master, You increase and then assume the mode of passion. You do likewise with the mode of ignorance when You wish to annihilate the universe and with goodness when You wish to maintain it. Nonetheless, You remain uncovered by these modes. You are time, the pradhana, and the purusa, O Lord of the universe, yet still You are separate and distinct.
The word jagatah in the third line of this verse indicates that the functions of creation, maintenance and annihilation are here mentioned in a cosmic context.
The word utkatam indicates that when a particular function is being carried out, whether universal creation, maintenance or annihilation, the particular material quality associated with that function becomes predominant.
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