Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 10, Chapter 43, Text 21-22


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SB 10.43.21-22

pibanta iva caksurbhyam
 lihanta iva jihvaya
jighranta iva nasabhyam
 slisyanta iva bahubhih
ucuh parasparam te vai
 yatha-drstam yatha-srutam
 pragalbhya-smarita iva
The people seemed to be drinking Krsna and Balarama with their eyes, licking Them with their tongues, smelling Them with their nostrils and embracing Them with their arms. Reminded of the Lords’ beauty, character, charm and bravery, the members of the audience began describing these features to one another according to what they had seen and heard.
Naturally, those who assembled in Mathura for the wrestling festival had heard the latest news of Krsna’s and Balarama’s adventures in the city — how the Lords had broken the sacrificial bow, defeated the police and killed the elephant Kuvalayapida. And now that the people were seeing Krsna and Balarama enter the arena, their greatest expectations were confirmed. Krsna is the embodiment of all beauty, fame and opulence, and therefore those assembled in the wrestling arena became fully satisfied by glorifying what they had heard of Him and were now seeing.
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